Roxanne Darling

Santa Fe, NM


Archival Dye Sublimation Print on Framed Aluminum

20” x 30”




Roxanne Darling is an emerging artist currently focused on abstract photography and self-portrait photographs in the American West, which are accompanied by her poetry. Her work has been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions and she was recently a featured speaker in the Wilderness Pecha Kucha Series at SITE Santa Fe. She has said “I no longer want to segregate my interests as these times call for creative, multidisciplinary, and female-focused approaches to the problems we face as individuals as well as citizens of a struggling planet.

Artist Statement

I call this body of work Biophilic Art Photography, which uses ICM or Intentional Camera Movement techniques. The images embody the Hawaiian concept of ‘naka’ which states that all humans, plants, and objects possess a unique, inner vibrational state. My method of image capture, which allows more light than usual to flood into the camera, captures this quiver and allows the subject to reveal itself in ways not visible to the human eye. Counterintuitively, allowing more light into the camera also produces more vibrant colors. I began this work while living in Hawai’i in 2017 and have continued it since moving back to Santa Fe in 2018. In realism, the artist often seeks the flower or tree in its stereotypical perfect state. But with this biophilic abstraction, I can capture the inner vibrational beauty — a psychological idea that also appeals to me. Everything has this vibrational state waiting to reveal other dimensions to us. I offer these photographs as unique works of art: one edition to one collector. Each single photograph can have a relationship with a single collector. This honors the abundance of beauty that exists in our world, when we pause to notice it, and appreciates the collector’s unique attention to the art.